Blue Tiger (Maltese tiger)

Ever come across stories of a Blue Tiger? That’s the Maltese tiger for you, often called the Blue Tiger.

Let’s dive into its captivating story.


The tale of the blue tiger isn’t new. In the early 1900s, people in China’s Fujian Province began sharing stories of spotting this unique creature.

Neighboring places like Burma and Korea had whispers of similar sightings.

But here’s a twist: even after all these years, we still don’t have a clear photo of this mysterious tiger.

Why Blue?

Nature surprises us in many ways, and a blue tiger is one of its mysteries. Some scientists believe specific genes might shade the tiger blue.

It’s like the Russian Blue cat, known for its lovely gray-blue fur. The Maltese tiger might have something similar going on with its genes.

Russian Blue cat in grass
Russian Blue cat in grass | source: disqis @

Other Interesting Color Variants of Tigers

Stories and Legends

Different people, different tales. Some see this tiger as a magical creature, while others have spookier tales, nicknaming it the “blue devil.”

There are even chilling stories of it being a man-hunter!

Recent Sightings

In the 1960s, there was chatter about a blue tiger in Oklahoma, USA. But, like many tales, this one needs more solid proof.

Some believe that this tiger might’ve had dense stripes, giving it a blueish appearance from afar.

Real or not, the Maltese tiger’s story teaches us something vital: the importance of protecting unique animals.

If this blue tiger exists, its rare color could attract unwanted attention from hunters. We must champion the cause of such rare creatures, ensuring they’re safe and sound.


The Maltese tiger, with its tales of blue stripes, is a testament to nature’s wonders. Whether it roams the wild or lives only in stories, it reminds us of the incredible diversity of our natural world and the importance of cherishing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Blue Tiger?

Blue Tiger Maltese tiger

The Maltese tiger, commonly referred to as the “Blue Tiger,” is a rumored tiger variant with a blue or grayish coat, primarily reported in China’s Fujian Province.

Is the Maltese Tiger real?

Blue Tiger Maltese tiger

While there have been numerous accounts and tales about the Maltese tiger since the early 20th century, concrete photographic evidence of its existence remains elusive.

What causes the blue hue in the Maltese Tiger?

Blue Tiger Maltese tiger

The unique blue or grayish hue of the Maltese tiger is believed to be a result of specific genetic mutations, possibly a combination of recessive alleles.

Where have Blue Tigers been reported?

Blue Tiger Maltese tiger

Most reports of the Blue tiger originate from China, particularly the Fujian Province, with occasional accounts from neighboring regions like Burma and Korea.

Are there any recent sightings of the Blue Tiger?

Blue Tiger Maltese tiger

There were rumors in the 1960s about a blue tiger’s birth in Oklahoma, but verifiable records are absent. Some speculate it might have been a pseudo-melanistic variant.

What do local narratives say about the Blue Tiger?

Blue Tiger Maltese tiger

Local tales have portrayed the Maltese tiger in various lights, from a revered creature to the ominous “blue devil.” Some stories even suggest man-eating tendencies.

Has the Blue Tiger been seen in captivity?

Blue Tiger Maltese tiger

Claims have emerged about a blue tiger’s birth in distant Oklahoma during the 1960s, but these lack verifiable records.

How does the Blue Tiger differ from other tiger subspecies?

Blue Tiger Maltese tiger

The primary distinction is its rumored blue or grayish coat color, which is not seen in any of the recognized tiger subspecies.

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