10 Beautiful Yellow Butterfly Species

1. Clouded Yellow

A migratory species known for its golden-yellow color, often seen in Britain and Ireland. It’s famous for its occasional mass immigrations and subsequent breeding.

2. Brimstone

Recognizable by its leaf-like shape and pale green color, this butterfly is found across Europe. It’s one of the first butterflies to be seen in spring.

3. Little Yellow:

A small butterfly with a yellow-orange color, native to the Americas. It’s often seen in open areas and fields.

4. Sleepy Orange

A bright orange butterfly, commonly found in the southern United States. It’s known for its fast and erratic flight.

5. Southern Dogface

A yellow butterfly with a pattern resembling a ‘dog face’, found in the U.S. It’s often seen in open, sunny areas.

6. Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

A yellow butterfly with black stripes, native to the eastern U.S. It’s one of the most familiar butterflies in the eastern United States.

7. Orange-barred Sulphur

A large butterfly with a yellow-orange color, found in the Americas. It’s often seen in gardens and open fields.

8. African Migrant

Known for its rapid and erratic flight, this yellow butterfly is common in Africa. It’s often seen near water bodies.

9. Common Grass Yellow

As the name suggests, this common butterfly is yellow and often found in grassy areas. It’s found in Asia and Africa.

10. Cloudless Sulphur

A large, bright yellow butterfly, often seen in the southern U.S. and Central America. It’s known for its fast and straight flight.