7 Real-Life Dragons

01. Komodo Dragon

Dominating Indonesian islands, the Komodo Dragon, with its venomous bite and formidable size, mirrors the dragons of legend.

02. Flying Dragon Lizard

This Southeast Asian lizard glides between trees with wing-like flaps, embodying the mythical dragon's flight.

03. Leafy Sea Dragon

Australia's Leafy Sea Dragon, with leaf-like appendages, drifts in the ocean, a master of disguise and grace.

04. Blue Dragon Sea Slug

Floating in warm seas, this striking blue slug preys on venomous jellyfish, storing their venom for defense.

05. Chinese Water Dragon

With vibrant green scales and a spiny crest, the Chinese Water Dragon is a nimble swimmer and climber, evoking dragon lore.

06. Bearded Dragon

Australia's Bearded Dragon puffs its spiky beard in defense, a gentle creature enjoying the sun's embrace.

07. Dragon Millipede

The Dragon Millipede, with its bright pink color and ability to produce cyanide, is a small but formidable forest dweller.