7 Amazing Amazing Purple Butterflies

Small butterfly with blue wings edged in purple, native to the Southeastern US, Texas, and Mexico.

1. Florida Purplewing

Found in Southern Texas and Mexico, males display brown wings with blue to purple overlay and large orange spots.

2. Pavon Emperor

Native to Taiwan, Vietnam, and Australia, known for the purple hue of its black wings, especially under direct sunlight.

3. Purple Crow Butterfly

One of the world's largest butterflies, with a wingspan up to 120mm, featuring blue, black, and purple wings.

4. Purple Owl-Butterfly

Found next to poplar woodlands in Europe and Asia, displays purple wings with orange eyespots.

5. Lesser Purple Emperor

Native to Southeast Asia, has blue to purple forewings with white spots and black margins.

6. Striped Blue Crow Butterfly

Mostly found in Brazil’s Amazon, males have blue to purple wings covering almost the entire surface.

7. Agathina Emperor