Should You Keep a Pet Monkey?

Keeping a pet monkey might not be the ideal choice, as it involves complex, long-term challenges far beyond those of traditional pets.


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Behavioral Challenges

Monkeys stay in a toddler-like state for life, demanding constant care and posing unique behavioral challenges.

Legal Considerations

Owning a monkey often faces legal hurdles, with varying laws and permit requirements across different regions.

Financial Burden

Initial costs for monkeys like capuchins start around $5,000, with ongoing expenses for care and habitat upkeep.

Longevity and Commitment

Monkeys can live for 20-40 years, necessitating a decades-long commitment from their owners.

Health Concerns

Monkeys carry diseases like tuberculosis and monkeypox, and finding specialized veterinary care can be challenging.

Housing and Maintenance

Monkeys need large, secure enclosures and mental stimulation, posing significant housing and maintenance challenges.

Owning a monkey involves significant challenges and responsibilities, often making it an impractical choice for most households.