7 Types of Green Snakes

1. Rough Green Snake

The Rough Green Snake thrives in the U.S., blending seamlessly into leafy greens with its slender body.

2. Smooth Green Snake

Discover the Smooth Green Snake, a small, insect-loving serpent, flourishing in North America's meadows.

3. Green Tree Python

Meet the Green Tree Python, a rainforest dweller from New Guinea and Australia, renowned for its vivid color.

4. Eastern Green Mamba

The Eastern Green Mamba, a sleek, venomous snake, resides in Africa's coastal forests, striking with speed.

5. Western Green Mamba

Explore the habitat of the Western Green Mamba, a fast-moving, venomous serpent found in West Africa.

6. Green Anaconda

Behold the Green Anaconda, one of the largest snakes, lurking in South America's rivers and swamps.

7. Vine Snake

Admire the Vine Snake's slender form and unique color, blending into the forests of South and Southeast Asia.