7 Blue Butterfly Species

1. Blue Morpho Butterfly

The Blue Morpho, a tropical marvel, flaunts large, iridescent wings that shimmer in the sunlight of Latin American forests.

2.Karner Blue Butterfly

Tiny yet striking, the Karner Blue thrives in the U.S., its brilliant blue wings dependent on wild lupine for survival.

3. Common Blue Butterfly

Europe's Common Blue, with males showing bright blue and females a subtle grey-blue, is a widespread and adaptable species.

4. Eastern Tailed-Blue Butterfly

The Eastern Tailed-Blue, common across North America, features males with vibrant blue and females with softer hues.

5. Holly Blue Butterfly

The Holly Blue, with its pale blue wings, is a charming sight in European and Asian gardens, parks, and woodlands.

6. Adonis Blue Butterfly

Admire the radiant blue wings of the Adonis Blue, a butterfly that graces the chalky grasslands of Europe.

7. Zebra Blue Butterfly

The Zebra Blue, known for its unique striped pattern, is a resilient species found in Asia and Australia's dry areas.