7 Amazing Black and White Snakes

This snake has cool black and white stripes and lives in the Pacific Northwest.

1. Puget Sound Gartersnake

It's a big snake, up to 6 feet long, with black scales. You can find it in forests and old buildings.

2. Eastern Rat Snake

This snake is 3-4 feet long and has black and white bands. It lives in different places like grasslands and deserts.

3. California King Snake

It's black with white spots, about 3-4 feet long, and likes living in woods and near water.

4. Speckled Kingsnake

This snake has a unique pattern of black, red, and white. It lives in dry places like deserts.

5. Long-nosed Snake

It has black scales with white lines, grows up to 4-5 feet, and can even eat venomous snakes.

6. Eastern Kingsnake

This snake is 3-5 feet long, with black and light stripes. It likes open areas such as deserts.

7. Striped Whipsnake