5 Black and White Cow Breeds

1. Holstein Friesian Cattle

Known for their black and white spots, Holsteins are the most common dairy cows, prized for their high milk production and global presence.

2. Dutch Belted (Lakenvelder)

Recognized by their belted appearance, these cows were originally raised as dairy cows in the US, deriving from the Lakenvelder breed.

3. German Black Pied

Originating from the North Sea coast regions of northern Germany and the Netherlands, they are known for their black and white color.

4. Belted Galloway

Nicknamed “Belties” or “Oreo Cattle”, Belted Galloways have a distinctive white belt and a double coat of hair, enabling them to withstand harsh winters.

5. Blaarkop

A Dutch breed known for their black and white or red and white color, they are used primarily for milk production, contributing to the diversity of the cattle world.